Platform lighting upgrade in Sheffield

Stops across the Stagecoach Supertram are set to enjoy new upgraded lighting as part of a project to improve passenger safety on the network. The current energy intensive lighting is to be replaced Phillips LED lighting which not only ensure an efficient use of energy but also give passengers enhanced peace of mind by creating a more secure and reassuring environment with better CCTV visibility.

Mark Tomkins, Infrastructure Electrical Co-ordinator at Stagecoach Supertram, explains more: “For a long time now, we have been looking for the best replacement that physically fits into the existing luminaires, taking away the need to replace them. We also needed to ensure the new lightbulbs meet all our objectives of enhanced safety, better visibility and being environmentally friendly. The Philips LED lighting solutions offer several benefits such as better colour rendering, enhanced CCTV visibility, increased traveller, staff safety, and improved visibility at the tram stops. In addition, the energy savings are impressive when compared with conventional light sources and long-lasting products. With instant restrike of the new LED lamps, this takes away the waiting period of HID cooldown in the case of power outages. We are sure we will reap several benefits for a long time to come.’’

Supertram worked alongside Signify, the world leader in lighting, on this lighting upgrade. The new Phillips TrueForce Core Road 40W lamps promise improved white light quality in customer-facing areas for increased safety and enhanced colour rendering for better visibility.

Simon Greenwood, Director Trade & Specification Signify UK and Ireland, said: “Our LED solution for the Sheffield tramline will encourage travellers to travel on the line worry-free due to the better visibility and safety. To add to this, the positive impact on the environment is another huge benefit for the Sheffield tramline as the upgrade to LED lighting helps reduce the tramline’s environmental impact. We are excited to be part of such an exciting project that ultimately leads to the citizen welfare and satisfaction.’’

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