Blackpool Transport launch Flexi10 ticket

As hybrid working starts to be fully implemented in many businesses across the UK the traditional season tickets have started to become less useful for commuters with transport companies having to look at introducing new more innovative ticketing options. As part of this Blackpool Transport have introduced the Flexi10 ticket, which includes a tram only version.

The Flexi10 ticket gives the purchaser access to 10 single journey tickets for the price of 8 (giving a saving of 20%). The single tickets can be activated at any time within 3 months of purchase allowing you 3 months from initial purchase of the ticket to make 10 single journeys (the journey must be started within 20 minutes of activation). The ticket must be purchased through the Blackpool Transport app.

There are three Flexi10 tickets available:

1 Zone Flexi10 – £16.80

2 Zone Flexi10 – £20.80

Tram Flexi10 – £20.80

If anyone travels on both the tram and bus both the 2 Zone and Tram version will be accepted on both trams and buses operated by Blackpool Transport.

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