Blackpool 646 – rest in pieces?

The sad saga of Blackpool Centenary car 646 appeared to be over earlier this year when compelling evidence emerged that the tram had finally been cut up for scrap. This followed the sale of various small items from the tram on internet auction site eBay. However, in a strange twist, more parts have now been offered for sale, with their seller claiming that 646 is still very much alive and well!

The eBay seller states that they attempted to re-home 646 and contacted numerous museums, none of whom were interested in taking it. It is now being claimed that the tram was then sold for further use at a festival site in Scotland, to be used as a bar! Whether this idea was considered and subsequently abandoned is unclear, although it has opened up fresh doubts as to whether the car might actually survive in some form. No further details have been released about 646‘s alleged new home, although anyone with any further information is urged to contact us, as needless to say many people would be keen to have a definitive answer as to what has become of this Centenary car. Likewise, if any British Trams Online readers are attending a festival in Scotland, such as T in the Park, this year, it may be worth keeping an eye out for anything that looks suspiciously like a Blackpool tram!

Incidentally, the parts of 646 currently up for auction online include a cash tray from the driver’s area, an air horn, trafficator light and parts from one controller. Most of these listings have a starting price of £20 plus £5 for postage, and can easily be found by searching eBay for ‘Blackpool tram 646‘.

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  1. Nathan Honest says:

    I bought an interior light cover!

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