In Pictures: Safety measures continue to go in at Bilston Central

Whilst services on the West Midlands Metro continue to be suspended as a result of the cracks on the trams (the at least four weeks timeframe comes to an end this coming weekend) the chance to undertake other works on the line is being taken. We saw last month that there had been track relaying around Bilston Central and since this was completed further work has been taking place to finish it all off.

Last time we checked in at Bilston Central we saw that the crossing between the two platforms – with Bilston Central having a staggered platform arrangement – was being reinstalled and since then attention has been turned towards the safety measures aimed at preventing stray passengers from walking along the tramway. Progress on the installation of these has been slow but with no passenger services running it doesn’t appear to be a priority at the moment.

Looking north towards Wolverhampton with the Wolverhampton bound platform in the foreground we see the wooden safety features being installed at Bilston Central.

From above and we take a closer look at the safety features. (Both Photographs by Andy Walters, 5th December 2021)

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