Flexities in Blackpool hit double figures

The delivery of Blackpool’s new fleet of modern supertrams is stepping up a notch,
with two more new arrivals landing at Starr Gate since our last update on the deliveries. Car 010 arrived on Friday 16th March, and was followed by sister car 011 exactly seven days later.

Having travelled to Hull docks, 010 was transported by road to Blackpool, arriving there at about 1:00pm on April 16th. In a break from tradition, car 010 was unloaded on the headshunt at Starr Gate rather than on the main line. Doing this when the tramway re-opens would allow a new tram to be unloaded without causing severe disruption to the passenger service, and is therefore a positive development. As has become the norm, 010 was driven into the nearby depot under its own power and will now undergo initial
commissioning work as well as the application of its fleet numbers and other
vinyl livery details.

Friday 23rd March saw a repeat of the previous week’s scene as 011 was delivered to Starr Gate and was duly unloaded in the more usual position before being shunted inside. The recent arrivals have been in a logical numerical order, and takes the number of Flexity2 trams in the resort into double figures at long last. Further trams are now expected to arrive weekly until the full set of sixteen trams have arrived.

The first nine Flexities are all now being used for testing and crew training duties, and 010 and 011 should join them soon to ensure that plenty of trams are available when the system re-opens on April 4th.

British Trams Online would like to thank Paul Derrick for sending us these pictures of Flexity 010 in Hull, setting off on the final stage of its long journey to Blackpool.

Flexity 010 is seen close to an industrial site in Hull as it starts the final stage of its long journey to Blackpool from Germany. (Photo by Paul Derrick)

Another look at car 010 leaving Hull aboard its enormous transporter. (Photo by Paul Derrick)

Although this is becoming a familiar sight for some Hull residents, a Flexity2 tram travelling through the Yorkshire city is now being featured on this website for the very first time. (Photo by Paul Derrick)

The remarkable sight of a Blackpool tram with the imposing backdrop of the Humber Bridge as Flexity 010 heads for its final destination. (Photo by Paul Derrick)

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2 Responses to Flexities in Blackpool hit double figures

  1. ac says:

    Hull is in yorkshire not linconshire

    • Geoff Pickles says:

      The caption to the third photo clearly refers to Hull as “the Yorkshire city”, so your post is pointless. Also, Lincolnshire is spelled with two l’s, the first of which is a capital L!