In Pictures: More wiring work at the old Wilko’s site

Another day and another update from Blackpool where we take a look at recent progress on the construction work being undertaken for the extension of the tramway to Blackpool North Railway Station. In this update we again head up to the old Wilko’s site where there have been more span wires installed on the newly erected overhead poles whilst the line ears are now also being installed. Meanwhile, there is also progress with further concreting being done at the terminus.

In this view we look at the entrance into the site (with the tracks from Talbot Road seen in the foreground) with the newly installed span wires attached the black overhead poles clearly visible. All span wires are now up on these poles.

A close-up shot of the span wires with work ongoing to string more span wires.

Another photo on the site with span wires attached to the overhead poles which themselves were only put up earlier in the week. (Photographs x3 by Tony Armitage, 11th November 2021)

Work on installing the ears on the span wires at Wilko’s.

Both cherry pickers are being used as the work gathers pace. (Photographs x2 by Tony Armitage, 12th November 2021)

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6 Responses to In Pictures: More wiring work at the old Wilko’s site

  1. johngilbert says:

    Dear Sir, Leaving aside the extraordinarily long time taken for this short extension to be constructed, I must say how disappointinmg it is to see, I understand, that future passengers between tram and railway will have to walk several hundred yards from the new terminus to the raiway station. Given that the extension of the tramway is ALL NEW surely a way should have been found to deliver tram’s right outside the door opf Blackpool North station.

    • Peter Watts says:

      The walk from the tram to platform at Blackpool is still shorter than many tram to train interchanges. Manchester has a good platform to platform change at Victoria, yet at Piccadilly the walk from the tram platforms through several levels and to the platforms is also a hike. Looking at European cities, a couple of examples. Nice has a longer walk from the station tram stop to the station, and none of it covered in wet weather! Dresden tram to railway station (both stations) includes a lengthy walk, again all outdoors (and Dresden’s winters can be harsh). Strasbourg has two tram stations at it central railway station, one on the surface outside (but close), the other with the main through trams lines is underground and again like Piccadilly it is quite a hike upto three levels and across the full station concourse. Sarrebrucken tram is outside the station, but the same length of walk as Blackpool. So yes, they could have gone closer, but not much different from similar comparisons.

    • Malcolm Bury says:

      The height of the subway that ran under High Street between the back end of Wilkos and North Station was only a few foot higher than your average pedestrian. To enable trams, with the subsequent OLE, to access the station frontage would require High Street to take on the dimensions of a big dipper (and digging down wouldn’t be an option given the required gradients over the length of line). Closing off High Street permanently can also be ruled out given the horrendous congestion that occurs now with it’s current temporary closure.

  2. John1 says:

    The increased congestion isn’t ideal but the site could have been graded right from entering the site, cut off High Street and you could have had level platforms on the Station site. High Street only appeared when the Station was remodelled. If Station Rd had been a bit higher you could have had a Tram underpass.
    I do wonder how long before there is a campaign for another westbound stop on Talbot Rd to cater for shoppers etc and two new Prom platforms to allow for alighting before crossing into Talbot Rd. Its not a long wlk back to the Prom from the unloading stop, but its hard work with small children etc crossing the busy Prom.
    When the extension opens it will be handy for sainsburys……

  3. David says:

    In my view the terminus should have been built next to Sainsburys in New Larkhill Street. The Talbot Road end of the street is pedestrianised already and there would have been no need to wait for the Wilko demolition. We could have had the trams up and running years ago.

  4. John1 says:

    David – the point is to provide as direct a link as possible with the station – to get to Larkhill passengers would have to climb stairs and cross a road!

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