Is there an unusual future on the horizon for the Wyre Dock trams?

For a group of trams which are stored in a private compound with no public access the trams owned by the Fleetwood Heritage Trust – and currently for sale with the collection being disbanded – seem to get a lot of comment online and that has continued recently with comedian Johnny Vegas recently visiting Wyre Dock to see them in a pre-arranged visit, complete with film crew.

Earlier this year Channel 4 broadcast a new series “Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping” where the comedian, his assistant Bev and a gang of vintage bus enthusiasts created the country’s coolest glamping site out of old, repurposed vehicles. This included a bus from Malta alongside a number of other vehicles including camper vans with the glamping site opening on Breaks Fold Farm in the Washburn Valley, North Yorkshire earlier in 2021. However, the decision was taken in October that the venture would come to an end with a new home now sought for the glamping site which had led to the bus (known as Patricia) being moved to the North West Museum of Road Transport in St Helens.

With Johnny Vegas becoming aware of the trams at Wyre Dock he has paid a visit to see them – taking along with him his assistant Bev and a film crew giving the intriguing prospect that at least one of the trams may be picked up to be added to the glamping site (and presumably for a second series of the TV show!).

Obviously there are no guarantees anything will happen with this intriguing prospect but during his visit Johnny Vegas paid particular attention to Brush Car 637 which retains its all over advert for Blackpool Zoo.

Other trams located at Wyre Dock include Centenary 641, Twin Car 673+683, Railcoach 678 and Balloon 710. Its not currently known what plans are in store for any of these trams but the complete collection remains available to a new home.

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8 Responses to Is there an unusual future on the horizon for the Wyre Dock trams?

  1. geoffcurrie says:

    I think it is vital that 710 should be saved, but where?

  2. nostalgicyetprogressive says:

    I often feel that if there were fewer single deck vehicles at Rigby Road, then there would be room for trams such as 710, thereby increasing passenger capacity and potential revenue per area of occupied depot space. A Balloon takes up roughly the same space as a Brush Car but offers almost double the number of seats at up to £15 per occupant possible revenue. Indeed, it has been stated that a traditional ‘Luxury Dreadnought’ would be desirable and as 710 is an ex open top streamliner, this would make it a useful candidate.

    • geoffcurrie says:

      Excellent answer.

    • John1 says:

      nostalgic- 704 was supposed to be a luxury Dreadnought but then that changed. 701 is also ex open top and 706 is already open top. With the current much reduced output I’m not sure any beyond what’s in store already will be needed.

  3. John1 says:

    708 is ex open top too and we know HPT hve no plans for it that they have published.

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