New sidings energised at Gosforth Depot

The first phase of the new Tyne and Wear Depot at Gosforth – the old depot at the same site is being redeveloped as part of the major investment which will include the fleet of new trains being built by Stadler – has been completed with the first sections of new sidings having been completed. This has seen a new stabling area created with the first test trains having now been successfully run in.

With these sidings have been completed it will allow for further demolition work on the existing depot building to take place as the redevelopment project continues according to schedule.

Stephen Bowles, Nexus Project Manager, said: “I’m delighted to say the first new train stabling area has been completed as part the Gosforth depot project. They have installed more than a kilometre of new track, ballast and overhead lines in this phase of the work. A test train was successfully taken into these sidings, which will serve the new depot and stable the current Metro fleet while we transition to the new one.

“The next step is the second phase of demolition work on the current depot buildings that remain on site, the commencement of the new maintenance building is progressing, and we can also expect to see the steel structure erected and construction  progressed over coming months.”

The transition to the full new depot will take place over the coming years with the completed facility due to be ready by 2024. In the meantime a second temporary depot was completed and opened at Howdon to allow for the out-stabling of some trains every night.

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