Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: Lowther Avenue

In this edition of “Stop by Stop” we continue on our journey on the Blackpool Tramway as we reach Lowther Avenue.

Almost as soon as we depart from Cabin we start on a stretch of reserved track with fencing protecting the tramway from pedestrians as the Tramroad section really starts to get going. There is a crossover just north of Cabin for any short workings (both the core and heritage services) and then we accelerate until we reach Lowther Avenue. Platforms are located either side of the tracks here again and there are shelters on both of these along with lighting and passenger information panels.

Its clearly illumination season with the tableau on the cliff top behind Lowther Avenue stop as we look northwards. The rubber surface between the tracks at stops on these reserved tram section were added as a safety measure.

008 is just arriving at Lowther Avenue here with a northbound service.

In this shot we see 009 arriving at Lowther Avenue on the way south to Starr Gate. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 26th September 2020)

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