Manx Electric Railway service report: 22nd to 29th July

David Mee has recently spent some time on the Isle of Man and in this report we see what was out on the Manx Electric Railway (and Snaefell Mountain Railway) in the week between 22nd and 29th July. It includes details of which motors and trailers were allocated to service along with interesting events.

Thursday 22nd July

NO MER service today

Apparently cars 7 and 14 were out on short workings on MER today despite it being a non-running day.  Possibly on test/drying out.

Friday 23rd July

MER allocations:

D1: 19+47

D2: 22+44

D3: 6+48

D4: 1+43

Evening: 5 (+47), 21(+41)  trailers on first runs only


1) The work above Bungallow involves creating a concrete cess and run offs, replacing track and fell rail.   (inside line) This will be in force all season.

2) The MER closure north of Lewaigue is due to the embankment failing and a wall dropping into the garden of one of the houses in Ramsey. Looks like closed for some time, no work carried out so far.    (sea side line)

3) The MER closure Groudle – Ballameanagh (sea side) for track renewal.  Should be completed this week.

Saturday 24th July

Visited Queens Pier and North of island today

Two tram failures today: Car 1 with a failed controller and car 5 with a blown traction motor

Known MER allocations:

D1       21+43

Sunday 25th July

D1 : 22+44

D2: 21+43

D3: 1+41

D4: 20+48

Spl: 6+47  (6 on test)

Monday 26th July

No service on MER today

Notes: Car 14 out on private hire.  Car 2 expected out on test, not seen.

Tuesday 27th July

MER allocations:

D1: 22+44

D2: 21+41

D3: 6+43

D4: 20+47


1) The long single line section Groudle to Ballameanagh now reopened for full double track

2) Overhead issue with a drooping pole arm delaying services on SMR

Wednesday 28th July

MER allocations:

D1: 20+47

D2: 21+44*

D3: 22+43**

D4: 19+48

* start of day, from Laxey took over D3 diagram

** failed first departure, later covered Laxey – Douglas portion of D2 diagram


1) Car 22 failed in service on D3 first departure at 10.40 from Douglas.  The D2 set of 21+44 was held at Laxey and then took over D3 diagram whilst 22 was repaired.

2) Due to above the two D2 departures from Ramsey were cancelled with a still poorly car 22 running the Laxey – Douglas portions of the diagram.

Thursday 29th July

No MER service

Cars 2, 4 and 5 covered all Snaefell departures during the week

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