In Pictures: Poppies carried on Blackpool’s heritage trams

We’ve seen poppies being carried on modern trams but it has been far rarer for heritage trams to be seen so adorned but that has changed for 2020 with some of Blackpool’s heritage trams spotted with the iconic red poppy. This includes the Fylde Transport Trust’s popular Balloon 715 which received poppies on the centre of the end bumpers ahead of lockdown.

Balloon 715 stands at the North Pier and Tower heritage stop proudly display its poppy as its own small act of remembrance as we approach Remembrance Sunday.

Matching poppies as 017 calls at North Pier heading south to Starr Gate and 715 waits in the North Pier and Tower heritage stop loop. (Both Photographs by Tony Armitage, 31st October 2020)

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