T68A 2001 scrapped

Following swiftly after T68 1020 met its end at the hands of the scrapman, T68A 2001 has also now been scrapped on site at Manchester Metrolink’s Trafford Depot. 2001 was reduced to scrap metal on Wednesday 5th February.

With 1020 having been completed on Tuesday 4th February the company employed to scrap these two trams returned the next day to do the deed on 2001 as well. 2001 was moved onto the same departure track at Trafford Depot and it was then quickly scrapped – bringing an end to the T68A class of trams as the other five had already been scrapped during 2014 at Booth’s in Rotherham.

2001 was one of the last two T68/T68A trams to run in service when it operated for the last time on 30th April 2014 (along with 2003) but unlike the other vehicles it remained in Manchester and has been stored at Trafford Depot (visible to trams passing on the East Didsbury line) for past almost six years.

1007 and 1023 remain at Trafford Depot for now with 1007 still stored in its long-term resting place inside the main building.

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