In Pictures: Oporto 196 and Sheffield 264 at Beamish

We already know that the early part of 2020 will see the withdrawal from service of Oporto 196 at Beamish but before then it is still available for use and on Tuesday 4th February it was out on driver training – a day which saw Sheffield 264 in operation as the sole public tram. Trevor Hall made the trip.

The trolley is turned on Oporto 196 at the Entrance. In the first saloon window is a sign letting visitors know it is not in service with Drivers under Instruction. 196 had just arrived Pockerley and after the trolley is turned that is where it will heading back to.

Sheffield 264 arrives at The Entrance. It has just climbed Pockerley Bank.

Oporto 196 back outside the depot. Newcastle 114, Blackpool 31 and Sunderland 16 look on. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 4th February 2020)

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