The Phantom haunts Metrolink 3018

Those who have seen his face draw back in fear, but hopefully not if they are boarding a tram as Manchester Metrolink 3018 has received a vinyl wrap livery for The Phantom of the Opera which is playing at the Palace Theatre in the city from 26th March to 30th May this year. Featuring the iconic imagery from the original production as conceived some 34 years ago the tram does feature limited contravision on the windows (including the Phantom’s mask) but aside from that most windows are kept free of vinyls. There is no guarantee that you will hear the music of the night when boarding 3018 but all that is asked of you is that this isn’t past the point of no return for your tram travelling…

3018 departs from Deansgate-Castlefield in its new advert.

3018 waits at Deansgate-Castlefield. (Both Photographs by Reece Hughes, 1st February 2020)

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