In Pictures: Autumn comes to Beamish

With the new bus garage at Beamish now completed on the exterior and work underway on final fitting out the buses have left the tram depot giving plenty of additional space there, almost making it seem empty on the far right hand side where once there were lots of buses! Beamish remains open every day up until Christmas and that means that the UK’s hardest working heritage trams are still required, including on Thursday 7th November when Sunderland 16 and Sheffield 264 operated around the tramway circuit as seen in the below photos from Trevor Hall.

The homes of the buses and trams are seen in this view. The new bus garage is in the foreground on the right also showing off the large hard standing area in front whilst the long-standing tram depot can be seen in the background with Newcastle 114, Oporto 196 and Blackpool 31 all just about visible.

Inside the tram depot and look at that space on the right (just a pity there’s no track!) 114, 196 and 31. Of interest here as well (and only just visible) is the tram availability board on the left hand side which includes Gateshead 52, Blackpool & Fleetwood 40, Manchester 765 and Sheffield 513!

Out onto the tramway and Sheffield 264 and Sunderland 16 pass at Pockerley.

Whilst very much out of season now it was still a busy day with seven coaches seen outside the museum all bringing schools and colleges to the museum. In this view we see a more lightly loaded tram than we often see as Sunderland 16 makes its way around the circuit. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 7th November 2019)

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