Performance up on Metrolink

After a couple of periods where performance had been on a small decrease there is more positive news to report on Manchester Metrolink where it has now increased in the latest period which ran between 15th September and 12th October.

90.5% of all trams were said to be on time during this period (that’s running less than two minutes late) which is up from the previous periods figure of 89.9%. This is also the highest punctuality figure since period 4 (June-July 2019) when there were 90.9% of all trams said to be on time. This time around the best performing line was the Altrincham line at 96% with the worst the Eccles line at 85.9%.

Reliability has also increased during this period to 99.1% (up from 98.1%) which is the best figure achieved since period 3 (May-June 2019). Reliability takes a look at the percentage of planned miles operated. With such a high reliability figure all lines came in at around the same figure but top of the charts was the Oldham and Rochdale line (99.7%) and the lowest was the highest from the punctuality figures, Altrincham (98.3%).

This period also saw 0.32% of all planned journeys cancelled and 0.67% of all planned journeys not running the full distance.

Unlike the last couple of reports this one actually lists disruptions which caused issues during the period and these are the usual problems which affect the service including road vehicles on the tracks, points faults, overhead faults, staff shortages, event congestion, vandalism and the stabbing incident in Manchester City Centre which saw Exchange Square stop closed.

* As always you can view all the stats from this period on the TfGM website.

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