New tickets introduced on Edinburgh Trams

Two new mobile tickets are to be introduced on Edinburgh Trams – cutting the cost of travel for families to the Airport whilst also seeing a three, four or five day unlimited ticket across the network. These new tickets will be available exclusively online with passengers just needing to show their ticket on their mobile device.

The new family ticket will allow two adults and up to three children return travel to the Airport for £22.50 – a saving of 25% on normal fares.

Meanwhile, the very first multi-day ticket gives passengers the option of three, four or five consecutive days of travel across the entire Edinburgh Trams network. A three day version will cost £14.50, four days £17.50 and five days £20.50 (prices are for adults, child versions are also available). These tickets will allow travel to the Airport as well as the remainder of the network making them excellent value for money (considering a day ticket to the Airport would cost you £9.00 alone).

These new tickets will only be available to purchase from

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