Tyne and Wear Metro performance falls slightly

After the last four week period saw 87% punctuality of trains, the Tyne and Wear Metro’s latest figures have shown a slight fall to 85% – although this remains a significant improvement on the previous year as in 2018 only 77% of trains were considered as being punctual.

This time around two major incidents have been listed on the “How are we doing” poster. The first was on 3rd July when an overhead power line fault in the Gosforth area led to severe delays. Metro will be investing £20 million over three years to replace power cables and reduce faults so that these overhead line issues don’t continue to happen at such regular intervals. The second incident was also on 3rd July and was down to a driver being unavailable due to illness (its hard to believe that this was the second most major incident of this period!) and the resolution to this is (funnily enough) the recruitment of new drivers with more currently in training and further recruitment in the future.

These four weeks cover the period between 23rd June and 20th July.

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