In Pictures: Supertram trackworks move on to area two

The Stagecoach Supertram rail replacement works have now moved onto 2019’s area two with the main work due to take place in the Shalesmoor area. Once again this will see changes for the Yellow and Blue routes with no trams able to run any further than Shalesmoor from Meadowhall and Halfway. For most of the time the Blue route will run to Shalesmoor but apart from in the evenings and weekends the Yellow route will only run to Cathedral.

Work on this area started on Monday 3rd June and is due to run until Thursday 18th July. The first worksite is just to the city side of Hillsborough in the vicinity of Ripley Street and Hatton Road.

On the first day of the works and preparation works are underway to remove the old tracks.

The old track has now been removed in this 4th June view and is piled up to the side with the new track ready to be laid.

A look down the road with old rail at the side and new rail almost ready to be put down.

A close-up as the new track is welded into place.

More sparks flying.

With the old Hillsborough Barracks in the background – now a shopping centre and hotel – workers are seen preparing the new track for installation. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke)

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