In Pictures: A closer look at Warrington 28

For the past several years the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society have been quietly making some seriously impressive progress on the reconstruction of the last surviving Warrington tramcar in existence – to be known when completed as Warrington 28. MTPS volunteer John Hewitt has shared with us some recent views showing the latest progress on the tram’s restoration, with particular emphasis on the top deck.

No timescale has been given as yet for when Warrington 28 is likely to enter service on the Birkenhead tramway, as although the body restoration is at an advanced stage now, the truck remains to be completed before it can enter service (after all that is quite an important part of the tram!). However, on open days visitors to the revamped museum and tram depot at the Taylor Street end of the tramway can view progress and will be sure of a warm welcome.

A view of Warrington 28 in its current condition from 25th May. Alongside is Birkenhead 20, now back in regular service following its holiday by the seaside.

This view of the top deck interior shows off the beautifully restored ceiling and the reversible wooden seats.

A better look at some of the seats on Warrington 28's upper deck.

A view of one of the open balconies - and yes, that is a control handle under the seats!

An exterior view of the balcony area as seen from Birkenhead 20 with a destination appropriate to its new home. (All photos by John Hewitt)

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