In Pictures: Rail replacement works continue in Sheffield

With all Supertram services on the Blue and Yellow routes still turning short at Hillsborough (as they will do so until 2nd June) work on the major rail replacement project has been continuing over the past week. The worksite has now moved on between Hawksley Avenue and Dixon Road with the current concentration on the outbound track. Stuart Cooke is our man on the scene.

This worksite is between the tramstops at Hillsborough Park and Leppings Lane and is once again seeing the old track removed before the trackbed is attended to and then the all new track is put into place. The inbound track has now been more or less completely relaid between Middlewood and Hillsborough Corner except for a short section at Hillsborough Corner.

The worksite along Middlewood Road is seen here with the area to be attended to being fenced off.

Down at ground level and we see the new track being put into place.

Another view of the worksite with the all important tents in place to protect the area under attention during the wet weather.

As a First Bus makes it way gently past the worksite we see more of the track relaying in progress. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke, 11th May 2019)

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