Preparatory works to get underway on Edinburgh Trams extension

Following on from the approval of extending the Edinburgh Trams network to Newhaven in March the first real signs of progress in fully getting the project off the ground should be seen later this month with investigation works due to get underway. The first stage of works will start in Lindsay Road during the week commencing 20th May 2019.

These works are being described as “ground and site investigation works” and will eventually take place in 25 separate sites along the route of the tramway to Newhaven. The work will be carried out in sections of approximately 100 metres at a time and is due to be completed by mid-July 2019. It will be the first test of the programme in place to see whether it will be achievable in the timescales given.

This is a very early stage of the project and is to be used to determine the ground conditions so that the final design for the tramway can be confirmed. Sacyr, Farrans, Neopul (SFN) – the Systems and Infrastructure contractor – will be able to see how deep the tram infrastructure foundations need to be as well as the dimensions of the slab track which will be laid under the tram track itself.

Whilst this work gets underway a programme of road resurfacing is also to take place on adjoining roads to ensure that these are in good condition ahead of traffic diversions once the full construction period of the tramway is underway.

Cllr Lesley Macinnes, Transport Convener, said: “There’s going to be a fair bit of work going on in and around the Leith Walk area over the next few months and we’re keen to make sure people have as much information as possible about what’s happening and why. Both projects are aimed at helping the Trams to Newhaven construction phase go as smoothly as possible. We’ll manage the works extremely closely to minimise noise and disturbance and we would like to thank residents in advance for their understanding while these essential projects are completed.”

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