Metrolink cable thief jailed

The man who fell off a viaduct when attempting to steal cable from Manchester Metrolink near Cornbrook in May 2012 has been jailed for two years and nine months. John Daw, aged 41 from Ordsall, fractured his skull, pelvis and right leg when he fell from the viaduct whilst trying to escape from staff who had discovered what he was doing. Metrolink services were severely delayed on 9th May because of the damage Mr Daw had caused to the cables although he did not manage to steal any of the cable. He admitted to the offence of attempted theft and was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court on 3rd January.

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3 Responses to Metrolink cable thief jailed

  1. John Stewart says:

    Well done to the legal system for waiting until he had recovered before gaoling him; after all, being in prison whilst immobile wouldn’t be much of a punishment.

  2. Ralph Oakes-Garnett says:

    Before I retired as a medic I had to assess scumbags like this in respect of their many health problems. Always worried about their own rights but not concerned with the damage done to others. Problem with our legal system softened by the dear old EU makes it that they only serve half the sentence. I for one am for the system in Singapore.

  3. David Taylor says:

    So this theif will have a six month holiday before being let out for good behavour!
    Perhaps the fall and the worry of getting a bigger sentence may have changed his ways???

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