Metrolink fares rise

As was reported late last year fares on Manchester Metrolink went up from Wednesday 2nd January 2013 by an average of 4.2% – making it four of our light rail systems (Docklands Light Railway, London Tramlink and Midland Metro have also seen rises) to put fares up as a new year begins. Although outline details had previously been announced by Transport for Greater Manchester no exact details of how the fares were raising had been revealed.

It is a mixed bag of fare changes for travellers on Metrolink as some have not been changed whilst others have increased by as much as 5.8%. TfGM have claimed that over half (51%!) of fares have actually remained as they were previously although this will be of little consolation to those people affected by the increases. In fact the 2013 fare rise is a lot smaller percentage wise than the last two increases with fares rising an average of 6.4% in 2012 and 6% in 2011.

Examples of fare rises given in the Manchester Evening News include:

Peak return fares

Bury to City                                     £5.90 (was £5.60)

Eccles/MediaCityUK to City       £3.70 (was £3.50)

Altrincham to City                        £6.20 (was £6.00)

St Werburgh’s Road to City        £3.70 (unchanged)

Oldham Mumps to City              £5.00 (was £4.80)

Annual season tickets

Bury to City                                  £960 (was £930)

Eccles/MediaCityUK to City    £545 (was £530)

Altrincham to City                     £960 (was £950)

St Werburgh’s Road to City     £590 (unchanged)

Oldham Mumps to City            £800 (was £760)

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