In Pictures: More from Talbot Square

With much of Talbot Road now reopened whilst we all wait for the tramway extension to open – which as we have reported many times won’t be for quite some time as we still await the demolition of Wilkinson’s and construction of tramway terminus – attention is now being concentrated at the Promenade end of the route on both the platform at Talbot Square and also as the tracks meet the existing tramway.

The single platform in Talbot Square is currently under construction with block paving being used rather than standard tarmac. This platform will only be for trams heading up Talbot Road providing a more convenient point to reach Blackpool Town Centre.

Meanwhile where the old and the new tramways meet is also seeing attention. The original tarmac installed here has been removed and new reinforced concrete is being put in its place. This view shows the junction from the south. (Both Photographs by Peter Dockerty, 11th March 2019)

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