In Pictures: New signage on Edinburgh Trams

Over the past few months a number of new signs have appeared along the reserved track sections of Edinburgh Trams aimed at improving safety with new Temporary Speed Restrictions now put in place at all pedestrian crossings on these sections following on from the fatality in 2018 when a man was hit by a tram.

A 40 kph speed limit is now in place on all of these crossings, with the exception of those at tram stops where normal operating practice has trams running at slow speeds anyway. To mark these a new TSR sign is in place. Meanwhile, before those signs were put in place another couple were noted on the reserved track sections. These state COAST and BRAKE.

263 passes one of the signs at the start of a TSR section. The tram is just leaving that section as it heads towards Edinburgh Airport.

The end of section TSR sign.

The COAST sign.

And the BRAKE sign. (All Photographs by John Hampton)

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