Metrolink punctuality goes up then down

We’re a little bit behind reporting on Manchester Metrolink’s performance statistics with the latest two reports now out with these two periods covering the time between 14th October and 8th December. In these periods there was a slight improvement in period 7 before period 8 saw another decrease in punctuality with fewer than 90% of journeys departing less than two minutes late. Meanwhile, reliability remains at a fairly consistent level and is now at its highest level for many months.

In the period between 14th October and 10th November punctuality was recorded as 90.5% (previous period 90.4%) before the four weeks between 11th November and 8th December (period 9) saw a fall to 89.3%. The fall was mainly attributed to a few incidents on the network including signalling faults at MediaCityUK on 25th November and St Peter’s Square on 27th November. There were also some driver shortages at times and congestion in Manchester City Centre during the Christmas events which had an impact. Despite this fall it should be noted that it still means that nine out of ten trams are considered punctual on the network which with such an extensive and complex network is a figure not to be scoffed at.

Reliability – which is the percentage of planned miles which have actually operated – remained at high levels during both of these periods with 99.7% recorded in both these periods. In the previous period it had been at 99.6% showing a small increase in the last few weeks of 2018.

In both periods the Altrincham line was the most punctual (95.2% period 7 and 94.8% period 8 ) with the Eccles line at the other end of the scale, again in both of the two four week periods under review (86.6% and 86.4%).

* As there are two periods reported on above if you wish to see the full stats for all lines on the TfGM website.

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