September Review – Isle of Man: No. 13 – Wagons in service

Throughout its earlier history the MER was not just concerned with the transportation of passengers but also goods and mail. To this end a number of wagons and vans were built for use and over the past few years several have been restored back to operational condition. These wagons and vans also get an outing during special events and the MER 125th Anniversary events week was no different.

A special tour ran on 5th September with Crossbench 32 operating with two wagons and a van. In this view we see 32 leading wagons 8 and 10 plus van 16 close to Howstrake as the ensemble head north on the MER.

At the end of 5th September and an empty stock working in preparation for the following day’s 1975 timetable. 2 and trailer 43 are joined by wagon 10 for a nights stay at Laxey Car Sheds.

The same three are seen on 6th September as they pass through Laxey with a service to Ramsey. This view allows us a close-up of the wagon. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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