In Pictures: Blackpool Prom tramway meets Talbot Road tracks!

As we briefly mentioned in our story yesterday about the testing of Coronation 304 the Blackpool Tramway is currently seeing single line working between North Pier and Cabin to allow the Blackpool North Station extension to be joined up to the existing Promenade tramway. The partial closure of the tramway started on Sunday 9th December for up to ten days and as seen below work is progressing well to connect the two up.

As well as the work to connect the two lines together work is still required close to Home Bargains along Talbot Road whilst a pavement is being installed over the rail ends outside Wilkinson’s.

The curved tracks are in place across the Prom road as seen here with the track further the camera now being connected whilst the nearer track is edging much closer. This is the north facing section of the triangular junction. Barriers protect the worksite from passing trams which can only use the northbound track.

Single line working is in place on the northbound track for all services between North Pier and Cabin. In this photo we see 001 heading south at North Pier for Starr Gate. A reduced 20 minute frequency is in place. (Both Photographs by Peter Dockerty)

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