In Pictures: More work on Talbot Road – and old will meet new soon!

Construction work is continuing on the extension of the Blackpool Tramway along Talbot Road to Blackpool North Station with it increasingly looking like the Council’s “everything’s on target” statement being slightly misleading. Work on putting track in place along Talbot Road is ongoing and it has now been announced that work will get underway to connect the tracks to the current tramway at Talbot Square.

There has been much debate in recent months as to whether there would be a temporary terminus constructed opposite Ma Kelly’s with a crossover installed before the Wilkinson’s store is demolished at some point in the future. Track has now been put down in this location but no crossover has been put in place which pretty much confirms that plans for the temporary platform will not now go-ahead. With this it would seem that no trams will travel up Talbot Road by Easter 2019 as was the original plan. No update has been forthcoming from Blackpool Council recently with their latest statement saying “everything is on target” – if it is it looks as if they are working to a different target!

It has also been confirmed that from Sunday 9th December for “up to” ten days work will be underway at Talbot Square connecting the new tracks to the old. This will necessitate the closure of the southbound track with all trams travelling on the northbound track between North Pier and Cabin. As a result the service frequency will be reduced to every 20 minutes. It is planned a normal service will resume on Wednesday 19th December.

The scene outside Ma Kelly's before track was put in place. The tracks behind the camera curve towards the entrance to Wilkinson’s.

A recent view in the same location showing the plain track now in place – no crossover would presumably mean no trams until Wilkinson’s has gone and the new terminus is built. (Both Photographs by Tony Stevenson)

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