In Pictures: Summerlee Tramway in action

In this article we take a quick look at the trams of Summerlee with images taken during a visit on Saturday 15th September. On this day most services were in the hands of the open topper Lanarkshire 53 with Dusseldorf 392 also out of the shed. To complete the picture we also see Glasgow 1017, not in use, but stabled at the very front of the depot. Photos courtesy of Trevor Hall.

Glasgow 1017 – so often the tram in service at Summerlee – had the day off and is seen here at the front of the tram depot.

It isn’t often in service with the need for a second member of staff to crew it but Lanarkshire 53 was the service car of choice on this day. In this view we see the tram passing ex South African Railways Garrett 4112.

Another view of 53 having just come off the Gartsherrie Burn Bridge.

The end of the day as Lanarkshire 53 returns to depot. Glasgow 1017 looks on.

And Dusseldorf 392 follows in 53. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall)

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