Tram and lorry involved in Nottingham City Centre collision

Tram services on Nottingham Express Transit were suspended in the city centre for just over an hour after a tram and lorry were involved in a collision close to the stop at Lace Market. Citadis 221 was involved in the collision with the rear of a lorry shortly after 1100 on Tuesday 3rd July causing the tram to suffer a smashed window. Photos from the scene show the immediate aftermath with the back of the lorry having come to a rest alongside the tram. It is unclear from these images whether the lorry reversed into the path of the tram or if it was stationery and the tram scraped alongside it as it attempted to pass. Temporary repairs were made to the damaged section of the tram before it could be moved. Whilst this was dealt with no trams ran between Old Market Square and Nottingham Station. A normal service resumed just after 1200.

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