In Pictures: Yet another C R Smith advert appears in Edinburgh

Just when you thought it was safe to say that is that with C R Smith adverts in Edinburgh then another one turns up! The initial contract signed by the company was for 18 trams to receive location based adverts but in the last few days the 19th advert for the company has appeared with 256 the latest tram to go over to advertising the window firm. However, unlike the other 18 this advert does not contain any specific locations but is a much more generic ad.

Using the slogan “Whoever fitted it, we can fix it” the advert uses the now traditional format for Edinburgh Trams with the third and fifth sections having full height adverts with the rest of the tram only having roof level vinyls.

Now that 256 has received this livery only four of the 27 strong class of trams are now without external adverts – 254, 264, 265 and 268. It now begs the question will we reach the time when the entire fleet has been treated to an all over advert, Edinburgh style?

The full advert on the tram at St Andrew Square on 21st May.

A close-up of one of the full height advert sections.

And the other.

A view of the end section of the tram. (All Photographs by Roy Calderwood)

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