In Pictures: Tram-Train pilot progress update

As we edge ever closer towards the fruition of the Tram-Train pilot between Sheffield and Rotherham recent weeks has seen further progress on the construction as shown in this pictorial update from Glyn Hill.

Meanwhile the City Link tram-trains are continuing to be used on the current network ahead of the start of the service to Rotherham Parkgate. On Tuesday 13th February five of the vehicles were in use with two of the Purple route whilst a further three were used between Cathedral and Meadowhall.

At Rotherham Central construction of the outbound platform is nearing completion.

Another view of the outbound platform.

Good progress is also being made on the inbound platform.

Another look at the inbound platform.

The inbound platform seen from a different angle.

The two platforms are seen in this view. (All Photographs by Glyn Hill)

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