In Pictures: Sunderland Point tram update

Back in January we included a story on a tram body which had been featured in a special Lune Tube film with the suggestion that it was an old Bradford tram although there was some debate that it may have actually originated from Bury. We have recently been contacted by Derek Redmond who cycled over to see the tram in 1960 and has provided us with more details, including some photos.

It is thought that the tram was sold off directly from Bradford Corporation Tramways in 1950 (when that system closed) and was initially put to use at the nearby (and now long-closed) Middleton Tower Holiday Camp. Tram bodies were very useful in this regard for the burgeoning holiday market after the war (as well as temporary accommodation for families). After its use at the holiday camp it is believed that it was in use as a changing room at a local cricket pitch. Following this it appears it was moved on again for use as storage at the farm where it can be found today.

Thank you to Derek Redmond for contacting us with the above information and below photos.

Two views of the tram in c1960. The shaping of the tram body suggests that the tram is definitely from Bradford. (Both Photographs by Derek Redmond)

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