Around the World in Trams: Kirnitzschtal 2 with trailer 22

We resume our world tour of trams with a trip to Germany where we take a look at the Kirnitzschtalbahn which is in the Saxony region.

This system is a 8.1km line which runs from Bad Schandau – on the River Elbe above Dresden and just short of the Czech border – to Lichtenhainer Wasserfal. The track is metre gauge and single with one passing loop next to the depot. It is mainly a tourist route – the only tramway to serve a National Park in Germany – and uses historical trams to operate the service.

This view shows 2 and trailer 22 at the Bad Schandau terminus before departing for Lichtenhainer Wasserfal. 2 was built in 1957/8 by Gotha and was originally used on the Plauen system before being acquired by this line in 1992 whilst the trailer is from Leipzig and dates from 1963 – again built by Gotha. This image was captured on 21st May 2003.

Photograph by Tony Sullivan

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