Picture in Time: Blackpool Coronation 663

One of the most popular trams to have featured in our archive photo series is Blackpool Coronation 663 and in today’s edition it is included again with an image dating from July 1972.

One of only three Coronation Cars to remain in existence (along with 304 and 660, with all of them currently stored at Rigby Road Depot) the tram was built by Charles Roberts as 327 in 1953 with it entering service in Blackpool during December of that year. It was one of the Coronations to lose its VAMBAC equipment (at the start of 1967) and remained in service for just over two years following this photo, with its last use being on 3rd November 1974. Its post service career has seen it stored at various different locations although none as an operational vehicle. Homes for 663 have included Lytham, Southport, West Yorkshire Transport Museum, St Helens, Richmond and Brinwell Road before it finally returned to Rigby Road in December 2013.

This photo shows 663 standing outside Rigby Road Depot in July 1972 with orange trolley tower and roof advert boxes. Alongside is the Coliseum Coach Station with a North Western Daimler CRG6 in situ.

Photograph by Bob Hodges

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