In Pictures: Crumpsall works progress

As we reported in January the footbridge over the tracks at Crumpsall has been removed as part of the stop upgrade works taking place to allow services from the Trafford Park line to turn there from 2020 as well as making a much more pleasing environment for passengers waiting for trams. In this pictorial update we take a look at the stop following the bridge removal.

The look of Crumpsall is very different now the long standing footbridge is no more giving a much more open look. Passengers can now cross the tracks by a track level crossing which is located behind the cameraman in this shot.

The long access ramp has also been removed as part of the works. A large amount of earth is seen on the right here with further works to come to allow trams to use Crumpsall as a terminus. (Both Photographs by Martin Miller, 28th January 2018)

* A video of Crumpsall, again from Martin Miller, can be viewed on You Tube.

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