Official update released on Tram-Train project

Network Rail have announced that further work will be undertaken on the Tram-Train project in the coming weeks, warning rail passengers of disruption whilst it takes place. The second phase of work to assist in linking the Supertram network to the national rail network is now underway and will be completed on the weekend of 19th August.

This work will see the completion of the second phase of signalling and the same weekend will also see the start of work to install the overhead line. The signalling work will take place mainly at night to try and minimise disruption but due to the nature of the work some will take place during the day which will mean no national rail services will serve Rotherham Central from Saturday 19th August until the start of services on Tuesday 22nd August. There will also be further works affecting Sunday services in the future.

Elsewhere the new platforms at Parkgate and Rotherham Central are also progressing well.

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