This week on British Trams Online

We have three small Photo Galleries for you this week:

Gallery 656: London Tramlink – February 2017

Gallery 657: Docklands Light Railway – February 2017

Gallery 658: Midland Metro St Chads stop – February 2017

There is also an update to the Edinburgh Trams fleet list.

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5 Responses to This week on British Trams Online

  1. Fred Fitter says:

    I was 1/2 expecting quite a lot mentioned on Metrolink 2CC opening yesterday

    • Gareth Prior says:

      Article should be online tonight with photos to follow next weekend. The opening was just too late for this week’s update (although uploaded on a Sunday morning the bulk of the update is sorted beforehand).

    • Steve Hyde says:

      I suppose I must take some responsibility for the omission as I was a little late submitting material to Gareth. This week’s update had already been compiled by the time I sent some text and photos.

      • Gareth Prior says:

        Not at all Steve – the only way it would have been included in this week’s update would have been if you had sent them through before the line had opened on the Saturday! I am always grateful for any contributions whenever they come through.

  2. Ken Walker says:

    Nobody needs to ‘take responsibility for the omission’; there wasn’t one! We need to remember that this is a website operated as a hobby/interest and as such items might sometimes not be uploaded absolutely currently, contributors also ‘have a life’. The opening was known about in advance so it isn’t exactly breaking news as such.
    Gareth and Andrew do a great job in posting news items in very timely fashion, I for one fully appreciate their efforts and those of the contributors.
    Just saying!

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