Happy Birthday to us!

Today (1st December) sees us celebrate our 13th birthday (and we enter the tricky teenage years)! Yes back on 1st December 2002 the unsuspecting internet saw the launch of a brand new website dedicated to trams and light rail in the UK. At that time there was very little else on the internet concentrating on trams in the UK but since then there has been a major increase with at times it seeming that a new website is launching every month! When we started the website was a much smaller affair and a weekly update would normally take about two hours to complete on a Sunday morning – how times change! Either more happens in 2015 than it did in 2002 or we just find out about more! A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to the website either on a regular basis or even just the once – without you there would be no website and thanks to everyone who just reads it as without you there wouldn’t be any point to the website! Here’s to the next 13 years!

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12 Responses to Happy Birthday to us!

  1. Garry Luck says:

    Congratulations on a quality site, which is both interesting and informative.

  2. Colin Smith says:

    A very happy birthday to British Trams Online. Probably the best resource for information across the whole spectrum of Britains trams, tramways and light railways. Long may it continue.

  3. Mark Andrew Pardoe says:

    In deed I add congratulations. This is an interesting and useful site. It is a pity there aren’t similar sites for trolleybuses and motor buses. Thank you to the honourable webmasters.

  4. Paul Thacker says:

    Happy birthday British Trams Online! Keep up the great work!

  5. David John Freeman says:

    Say it again … best place to be on a dark, wet night with a hot drink of tea

  6. David Mee says:

    Happy Birthday! Fantastic resource and a real tonic on these dark, wet nights.

  7. Ken Jones says:

    I came across this site by accident and glad I did. I’ve stayed and submitted pictures / comments because it is such a good site and we should all be very proud of it.

  8. Tony Sullivan says:

    Happy birthday. I came on the site at a very late date and wish that I had found it much earlier. It is the one site that I normally log onto every day – sometimes two or three times! I too have submitted pictures to the site. Thank you very much Gareth, Andrew and all the others who feed information and pictures to the site.

  9. Roland Harmer says:

    Brilliant site. Happy Birthday and many thanks.

  10. Steve Kemp says:

    All of the comments above cover everything.
    Thanks to Gareth and Andrew and all the contributors long may the site continue

  11. Tom Irvin says:

    Thank you for all the gen and photographs you have provided since I found the site. Even so I can’t get to everything, the information is much appreciated. Here’s to the next 13 years.

  12. Ken Walker says:

    Happy birthday indeed and congratulations on such an excellent site. Here’s to the next 13!