Trial to be held for overnight parking at Metrolink Park and Ride sites

Proposals to allow limited overnight parking at some of Manchester Metrolink’s Park and Ride sites are set to be discussed by Councillors later this week. The idea is that overnight parking would be allowed at 13 sites on a three month trial basis on Friday and Saturday nights only before an evaluation to decide if it was a success.

At the moment overnight parking is strictly prohibited at all times which has caused some complaints from shift workers and those who have had a night out in Manchester when they have returned to their cars to find they have received a parking ticket.

Cllr Andrew Fender, Chair of the TfGM Committee, said: “Metrolink’s park and rides offer a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, save money and help cut traffic on our roads, and we want to make sure as many people as possible can use them. We listen closely to passengers and, wherever possible, take action. There’s clearly a discussion to be had about how Metrolink’s current parking policy could adapt to meet the demand for overnight weekend parking.”

The trial would allow overnight parking on Friday and Saturday nights (cars would still have to be removed by midday the following day so cars would not be able to remain there throughout) at Besses o’ th’ Barn, Brooklands, Bury, Crumpsall, Hollinwood, Ladywell, Oldham Mumps, Prestwich, Radcliffe, Rochdale Railway Station, Sale, Stretford and Whitefield. It is anticipated the three month trial would commence in December.

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