In Pictures: East Croydon affected by Connecting Croydon project

Platform 3 at East Croydon has been closed temporarily to allow for more works to take place under the banner of the local council’s Connecting Croydon project. As a result all westbound trams travelling through East Croydon are now using the centre platform – platform 2 – with eastbound services unaffected and still using platform 1. Photographs are courtesy of Ian Buck.

2552 at East Croydon using the centre platform for its journey around the central Croydon loop.

2550 pulls away from platform 2 on its way to Dundonald Road.

A view from the other side showing the barriers surrounding platform 3 during the works.

2535 arrives at East Croydon passing the points which normally take it into platform 3.

A view of 2536 pulling away from East Croydon leaving behind platforms 2 and 3 with the barriers in evidence. (All Photographs by Ian Buck)

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  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    Interesting to see the dedicated tram road sign for closed track. What are they doing there that requires the track closure?

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