Cars take on trams in Manchester – twice in a week

The past week has seen two significant collisions between cars and trams on the Manchester Metrolink system – once on the Eccles line with the second incident taking place on the line to Manchester Airport. The first incident happened at Exchange Quay with collision number two occurring on Hollyhedge Road, Wythenshawe.

The first of the collisions happened on Monday 4th May and was at Exchange Quay on the Eccles line and involved a BMW car and tram 3086. Local media reports suggested that the car knocked down a railing before it drove onto the tracks and hit the tram. 3086 suffered damage to its front skirts in the incident. There were no reported injuries.

The second incident took place at Hollyhedge Road, Wythenshawe on Wednesday 6th May and saw a car come into contact with 3081 causing damage to both vehicles. The two occupants in the car had to be cut free by the Fire Service and were taken to hospital for treatment whilst there were no reported injuries on board the tram. The car was described as a write-off whilst again the tram suffered damage to the front and side skirt. The collision happened at 1735 with Metrolink services suspended through the area for approximately an hour. During the disruption services ran from Cornbrook to Roundthorn and from Wythenshawe Town Centre and Manchester Airport.

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One Response to Cars take on trams in Manchester – twice in a week

  1. tram man says:

    Both vehicles are part of the T.M.S only fleet based at Trafford,so it was a busy week for the afternoon shift at Trafford workshop who turned out for both incidents.Just so Queens road don’t feel left out,3086 is being repaired at Trafford depot and 3081 is being repaired at Queens road depot.
    The front fenders and various skirts were ripped of both vehicles.Also both vehicles suffered damage to the auto-couplers which require replacement.
    Allegedly both car drivers have admitted blame.Luckily no one was seriously hurt in both incidents,apart from the usual whipcash (sorry whiplash)injuries.