Petition launched to get trams back to Lytham

It has been many years since a tram last ran between Blackpool and Lytham but if The Trams to Lytham Group have their way it won’t be too many more years before you can enjoy a tram ride into Lytham. The group have launched their own Twitter account, Facebook page and are also urging any interested parties to sign a petition.

Rather than be a traditional on street tramway the plans would see the South Fylde railway line converted and would enable a more frequent service to be provided between Lytham and Squires Gate with a new double track installed. There would also be the chance that some trains would possibly travel all the way through to Blackpool South. It would also allow for direct public transport links between Lytham and Fleetwood and for the first time in several generations the rolling stock on the line would be able to be modernised.

The group are also suggesting that it could bring heritage trams back to Lytham – although how this would be achieved is not made clear considering the line would actually be the preserve of tram-trains – and it is hoped more tourists would visit Lytham giving a boost to the local economy.

In order for the scheme to succeed the group are looking for support from residents and businesses and have set up a petition to this end. You can view and sign the petition by visiting Further information can also be found on Twitter ( and Facebook (

Of the seven prospective parliamentary candidates for the area six have given their support to the scheme with the other one not having responded to requests from the group.

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One Response to Petition launched to get trams back to Lytham

  1. James Palma says:

    A good idea, but wouldn’t need tram trains. Just LRVs and a connection between the tramway and the current heavy rail line.