Picture in Time: Leeds 155

Today’s archive image in the “Picture in Time” series comes from Leeds from way back on 8th November 1958 and shows Horsfield car 155 – the first production car of this famous class of trams.

Entering service during 1931 155 was built by Brush of Loughborough (the four prototype cars had been built internally by Leeds Corporation Transport) and gave 28 years of service to Leeds before the complete system was closed on 7th November 1959. Of note is that this photo, which shows the tram on York Road near to the Shaftesbury Cinema, was taken on 8th November 1958 – practically 12 months before the closure of the system. 155 did not survive the mass scrapping of the remaining trams at the closure although one Horsfield car does remain today – no. 180 which is part of the operating fleet at Crich. 160 had also survived but this was part of the ill-fated Middleton preservation project and its body also ended up being scrapped.

Photo by Tony Sullivan

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One Response to Picture in Time: Leeds 155

  1. Mark says:

    There was a 3rd car saved 202, this also did not survive, the truck from 160 went to crich where it was combined with 189′s which is under 180. 160′s truck is now in use at Beamish.