Adverts set to appear on Edinburgh Trams

It looks as though 2015 will see the first advertising liveries appear on trams in Edinburgh with reports in the Edinburgh Evening News suggesting that “a string of global brands” are in negotiations to being the first companies to advertise on one of the 27 strong class of CAF trams.

It has always been the plan that some of the trams in Edinburgh would be adorned in advertising liveries and indeed 262 and 269 have never received the final fleet livery in anticipation of contracts being signed. It appears that now the line has settled into its operating life negotiations with companies has reached an advanced stage with suggestions it could only be a matter of weeks before a tram is running in a vinyl wrap livery.

The article in the Edinburgh Evening News names Etihad Airways as one of the companies who are interested in advertising but also suggests that Qatar Airways and Turkish Airways (who have recently taken out an advert on London Tramlink) could be interested.

A council spokeswoman said: “We have received healthy interest both locally and further afield. Work is ongoing to ensure we maximise the value from tram advertising and naming rights and we expect to seek opportunities in the near future.”

It is hoped that up to £1.5 million per year can be raised from advertising revenue with a full vinyl wrap advert costing £70,000 per year.

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6 Responses to Adverts set to appear on Edinburgh Trams

  1. Peter Marsh says:

    I just hope they leave the windows clear of advertising so they can be used for their proper purpose i.e. for passengers to see out, but I’m not optimistic. The prospect of another system where windows are obscured by the dreaded contravision fills me with gloom.

    • David Butterworth says:

      I agree with P M. Has anyone been able to prove that these contravision creations, covering the windows, actually bring in more sales to the respective advertisers than smaller ones tastefully applied? I doubt it – it is all about the current fashion, here and abroad. It is unfortunate for the passengers and those who, like me, wish to see the ‘lines’ and liveries of the trams.

      Thankfully the only Metrolink LRV affected (so far) has been 3045, but that was only temporary.

  2. John West says:

    Plenty of Metrolink trams have had contravision on the windows!

  3. John Gilbert says:

    I echo all those who reject advertisements on the windows. Interestingly I have never seen many advertisements on BUS windows. More discrimination against trams then! The fools. Keep up your protests Edinburians.

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