Platform changes at Deansgate-Castlefield

All Manchester Metrolink services running through Deansgate-Castlefield will use the new island platform from Wednesday 17th December – subject to final testing. Works have now been completed to allow the outer face of the island platform to be used by service trams with the ongoing work at this stop now being moved to the existing and original outbound platform.

As we have reported extensively these transformation works have seen the original inbound platform replaced by an island platform (with the original platform decommissioned and removed). LRVs have been using the inner face of the island platform for a number of months for citybound services but all of this is now due to change from Wednesday 17th December. Citybound services will now use the outer platform whilst the inner platform edge will instead be used by outbound services to Altrincham, East Didsbury, Eccles and MediaCityUK.

The Passenger Information System at Deansgate-Castlefield has already been updated for these changes with the displays on the inner face of the island platform already listing the outbound services!

Once the work is completed at Deansgate-Castlefield in 2015 attention will be turned towards the major transformation works at St Peters Square.

3064 stops at the inner platform face of the island platform with a service for Piccadilly as 3088 disappears into the distance on its way to MediaCityUK. From 17th December the Piccadilly service will be using the adjacent platform face.

As 3092 waits at the soon to be closed platform 3027 leads a double unit on the way to Bury at the new island platform.

3045 at the island platform - still with its Selfridges advertising livery - as 3084 approaches the original outbound platform.

3035 is at the rear of a double unit for Rochdale as 3033 stands at the outbound platform. (All Photos: Ian Nightingale, 16th December 2014)

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