MER 1 and 2 to operate services to celebrate 120th anniversary of Laxey

The two oldest operational tramcars on their original line in the world are to run scheduled passenger services on Sunday 27th July to mark the 120th anniversary of the Manx Electric Railway reaching Laxey. Cars 1 and 2 – built in 1893 by G F Milnes – will operate services on the MER on this day with the schedule seeing them due to pass in Laxey Station at 1225.

Car 1 is due to operate on the D3 diagram departing Derby Castle at 1110 for Laxey and then returning with the 1255 Laxey to Derby Castle. It will be stabled on the siding at Laxey Station between these two journeys as per the normal diagram. Meanwhile car 2 will be on the D2 diagram which will include the 1010 Derby Castle to Ramsey and 1140 return trip. All being well 2 will pass 1 at Laxey at 1225, offering some unique photo opportunities.

27th July marks the exact 120th anniversary of the first test runs of the Manx Electric Railway to Laxey which was followed by public services commencing on 28th July 1894.

The newly opened Manx Electric Railway Museum at Derby Castle sheds will also be open on this day. Exhibits include a recently rediscovered plaque commemorating the official opening of the line to Laxey. The MER Museum is open on the second and last Sunday every month during the season between 1100 and 1500 which rather handily fits in with the running of 1 and 2 on this occasion.

With the Manx Heritage Transport Festival due to take place between 30th July and 3rd August the next week or so look set to be an exciting time for anyone visiting the Manx Electric Railway (any photos/contributions will be greatly received!)

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  1. Ken Walker says:

    I shall be there! For the full 5 days of the festival actually so you will certainly get some photos Gareth!

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