In Pictures: Airport line testing continues

The early hours of Tuesday 24th June saw another evening of testing on the Airport line of Manchester Metrolink and Steve Kemp was there again to record the historic images with his camera.

Images from the second night of testing as 3002 and 3009 do the honours. (All Photos: Steve Kemp)

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4 Responses to In Pictures: Airport line testing continues

  1. Freel07 says:

    I think Steve deserves our congratulations and thanks for his stamina and determination in recording 3 successive nights testing.

    • Colin Smith says:

      He certainly does, Freel07. Mind you, he must either be extremely keen or totally insane. I suspect the former.

  2. Mark Sheppard says:

    Cycled past Sale Water Park stop Sunday afternoon, they may be running tram tests but that station is still unfinished, signage and seating are incomplete.

    • freel07 says:

      The final stop detailing is usually left until much closer to opening day. All lines have followed a similar pattern between initial structure gauge testing and final commissioning.

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